Get Web Traffic Using Social Media

Submitted by: Dhruv Patel

We all know the fact that the promotion in social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter is very important for the development of a blog or website. However, many people, creating a page in one of them, or both, make the same mistake. They think that people will surely find it, come and “like” it. But it is as easy as it seems to be. If you want to achieve a good result you should work very hard.

Just think, do you “like” everything that gets in your eyes? We do not think so. Before pressing the "Like" button you will certainly think for a while and determine the value of any page in Twitter or Facebook. In this article we will tell you how to get as more "Likes" on the page of blog or site in a social network as possible.

So, what do you need for it? Firstly, make your page valuable to t


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he visitor. Besides the usual news and announcements from your blog or website add back any useful information that would be interesting to users of the social network. Add some pictures: simply beautiful, funny or particularly creative - depending on the subject of your website or blog. Secondly, involve users in the debate and discussion on a blog or website – create new polls. Moreover, this will help you to better understand what people are searching for on your blog or site. Answer to other people’s questions. "Like" their questions and answers. This will help, exactly.

Thirdly, be natural. Social network is the place where people should communicate. Respond to visitors of your page in Facebook or Twitter in usual language. There is no need for formalism. But again, everything depends on the subject. Fourthly, if you have decided to create a page on a social network, just for promotion of your own resource - forget this idea. Do not waste your time. People do not really like the page, which is updated only once a month. This should be a place where you could come and contact with your readers. Look for potential readers. Sometimes look into the pages of your competitors and participate in the discussions. Let readers know that you know what you are talking about. But just do not do spam. Just leave useful meaningful comments. You can even put "Likes" on responses of other participants.

Well, that's kind of everything you should know. Finally we will give you a couple of tips that should also help in order to answer the question “How to get traffic using social media”. Regularly update your page. Do not let it gather dust. It is good enough to spend at least 10-20 minutes a day and you will see that it brings many benefits. If you update your page every day the users will be interested to come there again and again. Of course you can update your page less often, but let your users know that you will update it, for example, each Monday or every Tuesday and Thursday.


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