How to Manifest Miracles Everyday

By Chrisanthia Pierre

With everything in life the more you practice the better you get. True mastery of a thing is the frequency in which that thing was repeated. With manifesting this is also true. To really have success with manifesting new conditions in life you must practice every day. Your skill to manifest will grow intensely as time passes. Imagine being able to pay your bills on time, or attract lots of people from the opposite sex who love and admire you. Your skill in those things will grow rapidly and what would previously have taken you months will take you a matter of days or even hours.

1) Choose one Small Thing Each and Every Day

There is an advantage to choosing small things with great frequency. Because frequency is the key to mastering a skill, going small builds up your confidence and a


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lso alerts your subconscious mind of your frequent successes.

2) Write it out

Keep a daily journal of your goals. Start a new page for each and every small goal. At the end of the day write out whether you were successful with your daily goal. Then also make a note of your general feeling state for that day.

3) Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

There is really noting more fun and wonderful than reflecting on your day and realizing all the wonderful aspects of your present life. Maybe you may even discover the many small things that you have manifested that you did not work, worry or wait desperately to have manifest. Sometimes many things will come to you that you may recall having wished for in the past.

Gratitude also helps you in keeping your vibration high. The higher your vibration, the faster your ability to manifest what you want. The more you focus on the things which you are grateful for the more you will increase those good things in your life.

Apply all the skills of manifesting to this daily challenge and watch the frequency of miracles that enter your life.


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