Can You Make A Miracle? The Miraculous Legacy of Our Lady of Lourdes

By Rev. Julie Renee

The 3 Secrets to creating Miracles revealed remembering The Blessed Mothers Appearances in 1858 and the importance of Love!

Miracles in Modern Times Our Lady of Lourdes Celebrated in February Every Year Rev Julie Renee

February 11, 1858 is the historic day Catholics set aside to remember the miraculous appearances of Mother Mary in Lourdes France to a school girl in the city dump. From the communications between the Blessed Virgin and young Bernadette Soubirous; love, hope and devotion sprung up in a dark and hopeless period. Faith suddenly was renewed. The sick and down hearted flocked to The small village in France to experience the miraculous appearances and healing waters. The miracle producing water generated n the last visitation are to present


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day are drawn on for the hope of a miraculous cure when medicine can offer none.

Three Secrets to Creating Miracles Today
Faith Know in your heart it is possible
Frequency Unconditional Love or higher for the generation of a positive life changing miracle
Connection Accessing the power of Creation
Historical accounts of the appearances of Mother Mary suggest that only one individual visually saw the Blessed Lady. Young visionary Bernadette, 14 year old daughter to an unemployed father who had previously enjoyed work as a miller and her mother an over worked stressed out washer woman. This family lived in the worst of homes an old prison room that was prone to flooding during the rainy season.
The experience of devotion and mystery, the compelling interactions of rapture lend credibility to the story of Bernadette and the Lady, yet when the actual miracles began there was no doubt amongst believers that this was a real and divine experience

Miraculous apparitions of Mary, Jesus, Angels and Holy Ones reach deep through historic legend over the past 2,000 years since the Avatars Mary and Jesus appeared and lived among us. Their mission; to provide us with a the road map, the blue print for a life that if emulated would allow each and everyone of us to create a miraculous life.

Jesus said; 'What so ever I have done my friend, this and much more you shall also do.' He taught us to follow the path of prayer and meditation to study and to embody compassion. In his last hours in the garden of Gethsemane he showed us one more time how to commune with the Divine.

Charity (generosity) and the vibration of pure unconditional love are excellent vibrations to begin in the creation of an extraordinary shift and ultimately a miracle.

The Agape Love of Jesus and Mary Jesus came to introduce humanity to the new realm of love and freedom. his message is one of love.

'Beloved let us love one another, for love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God, He that loveth not knoweth not God for God is Love Beloved let us love one another. 1 John 4::7-8

Love one another as I have loved you.

The Love Wisdom Creed from the new rosary 'Illumination'

There is one infinite God/ Goddess vibration of love that creates everything seen and unseen. This all prevailing presence is light, love, miraculous creation, and the sacred expression of inclusion. Divine love embraces all humanity, regardless of religious preference or any other human selective difference. Heaven is here on earth.

I am free to live a life of spiritual freedom and full self expression liberated in love, gratitude and mastery in this body here and now. My spirit is limitless. I am responsible for any limits I experience in this body and have complete access to the divine through prayer and contemplation to release myself from any human bonds I have worn as spiritual clothing that no longer resonate with my essence.

I enjoy direct mystical access and divine union while practicing spiritual rites. These sacred rites belong to all humanity. In the Christian tradition they are known as Baptism, Rebirth, the Communion of Saints, the Sacrament of Communion and the Mystical Bridal Chamber. I follow the sacred path towards Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Transmutation and Ascension in this life.

I experience the presence of the Christed one known to me as Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ was Avatar, Teacher, Guide and friend. I revere blessed Mother Mary, who is compassion, love, forgiveness and healing. I trust in the existence of Holy Spirit who is essence living in me as life force.

I trust in the reality of the Holy Ones, the Divine Male and Female Deities who have sprung forth from all the great and lesser known spiritual paths to teach and guide us on the path of Love Wisdom.

I am ageless and timeless. My life continues in or out of this human temple I call my body. Whatever I have done willingly or unknowingly to myself or others that does not resonate with pure truth, can be washed from me through the power of forgiveness and the unending limitless power of LOVE.


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