Behold the Miracle of Self Healing Techniques

Submitted by: Gregory Frost

There are two types of healing: physical and mental. Obviously, physical healing is easier as compared to mental healing. Physical healing is the defense mechanism of the body to prevent further spread of disease or infection and this can be achieved through medical treatment and medicines. But mental healing is universal and involves the subconscious mind.

Mental healing is a slow process and healing itself is necessary only when there is a problem. The mind is a very powerful tool and to use it effectively and efficiently, it is essential to keep it in sound and healthy condition. Stress, trauma and pressure are the constraints that spoil the well-being of the mind. Self healing techniques are methods that assist in enhancing the subconscious mind. One of these methods is brain wave entrai


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nment technology. Self healing technology taps the power of the brain and accelerates healing. It has been found that self healing is associated with certain brain wave frequencies and when these frequencies are induced, they accelerate the healing procedure.

Fundamentally, the state of mind can be classified as alpha or beta states and the different frequencies of the mind are associated with the electromagnetic waves, thus promoting healing. Though, the medicinal treatment sometimes involves this therapy for treatment. Only recently has it come to the hands of individuals, who can now do it from the comfort of their place. It is available in CDs and DVDs and can be practiced anywhere; while sleeping, or while convalescing in hospitals to cheer up the patients.

Although there are other forms of self healing techniques like yoga, aroma therapy, mind relaxation techniques, positive affirmation and new age mental messaging techniques,, brain wave entrainment is a method that is more focused, result- oriented and more effective. Self healing greatly helps in reducing the depression and stress and offers more peace to the mind.

There are many professional nurses and health care providers who offer self healing session for the needy. In self healing technique treatments, the results are often that the person experiences senses of lightness, reduced pain and a long sleep which, in effect, gives more energy and peace. Therefore, the body is able to cope with stress better and facing such hurdles easily, the overall life becomes a better one. The person would be able to strike a good balance between the mind and the body.

During the self healing process, the person's brain wave enters the alpha or even the theta state and at this juncture, the immune system of the body is improved. This is the most crucial part in the healing process. Self healing techniques are easier than other conventional methods where it is needed to spend more time to master the subject. But self healing techniques require no such activities and are quite simple but very effective and almost instantaneous. In this fast world, which involves a lot of stress and tension, such self healing techniques are certainly a great tool in trying to attain a more peaceful life.


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