Stopping Premature Ejaculation - Are You Making These Mistakes?

By Max Carlson

Stopping premature ejaculation need not be just a dream. While it is important to work on the remedies for premature ejaculation, you must also know what NOT to do and the mistakes to avoid in solving this problem.

In fact, your quest to solve this embarrassing problem would become much more effective and easier if you know what NOT to do.

First, instant gratification and result

In their quest to stopping premature ejaculation, many men resort to the fast and easy way. They seek for instant gratification and instant solutions like pills, sprays and gels to help them to last longer in bed immediately.

No doubt, all these solutions help stopping premature ejaculation almost instantly when you apply them. However, they do not cure the root cause of your pr


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oblem. You might be sexually strong when you apply them. But once the effect is over, so does your sexual endurance. These solutions do not in any way enhance your ability to endure longer sex permanently.

Further, as most of these solutions seek to stop premature ejaculation by numbing your penis, you do not get to enjoy sex the way you are supposed to. You lose the pleasure of sex. In the long run, that would affect your sex life and relationship with your partner.

Second, negative thought that sentence your "premature ejaculation" to death

The fatal thought that many men have about premature ejaculation is that premature ejaculation is an ailment that cannot be cured. If you have this thought in mind, guess what? You'll not take effort to overcome this problem and that will in turn, make the problem worse! What you think is what you get! So, be careful of what you are thinking and wishing for.

Instead, always consciously think that stopping premature ejaculation permanently is certainly possible! With the right strategies, exercises and diet, you would be able to say goodbye to this embarrassing problem for good in no time! What you need is the right formula and apply them consistently for a period of time. With the right attitude and strategies, stopping premature ejaculation is not a dream.

Third, distracting from sex

In their effort to prevent premature ejaculation, some men try to shift their focus to some other things during sex. They think of their bosses, their grandmother, their work, the current political issues, the movie that they saw etc. - anything but sex.

It's true that distracting yourself from the sex pleasure is one of the ways to stop early ejaculation. It's rather effective as well. The downside is that you would not be able to enjoy the best part of sex! Let's be real. The whole purpose of having sex is to enjoy your partner, please your partner as well as having that sensational sexual experience.

If you are doing all you can to distract yourself, you do not only miss the best part of sex, in a way, you are also "cheating" your partner and depriving her from the attention that she deserves.

These are not the right ways to cure the problem. You need to strengthen your body and mind to enjoy the lovemaking process. Tuning yourself out from the sexual experience is surely not the way to go in a long run.

Stopping premature ejaculation could not have been easier if you know what to do and also what not to do. Effort must be made from both sides. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, the mistakes that you are making unconsciously will pull you back and you will go back to the square one. With that, you can never release yourself from the early ejaculation problem.


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