The Art Of Psychic Powers

By Jana Tagore

Psychic powers are those superhuman abilities of the psychics which enable them to perceive paranormal information which are otherwise unperceivable to the common man. As a subject, psychic powers is an area that people are confused and frightened of and hence it has remained unstudied and mysterious since ancient times.

All human beings possess psychic powers to some extent or the other but only a mere percentage of them are able to display high level of psychic skills.

Psychics have the power of sixth sense, that is, they possess an extra sense beyond the ordinary five sense organs that we all possess. It is with which they see, hear or perceive the paranormal from our surroundings.

While some have precognitive powers and can predict the future, some have retrocognitive abilities who can talk


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about the past. There are even others who can see alternate energy forms such as spirits which are invisible to the naked eye otherwise.

Names such as the wise man, spiritualist, mentalist, oracle reader or even the common fortune teller are some of the name tags that psychics have usually been called by since the age old days.

Infact, there have been countless individuals who have falsely pretended to be psychics resulting in fuelling the fire of controversy regarding the subject more.

Infact there isn't really any need to pretend being a psychic since we al have psychic abilities deep within us. If we can tap into the same and develop it strongly so as to be able to control it, we can use it whenever the need arises.

If you are thinking of becoming a psychic, you need to first learn meditation properly so as to be able to successfully balance your mind, spirit and emotions.

True psychics are able to flush out all negativity from their minds and open them up to the infinite energy and emotions of the universe that can be both seen and unseen.

A good idea would be to practice your psychic abilities through regular meditation sessions. Not only will it make you come alive but will give you an experience of happiness, understanding and creativity that you have never experienced before.

Create a schedule and take time out for meditation at least for 30 minutes each day. Spending thirty to sixty minutes of focused concentration will remove all negativity from your mind and thoughts.

You need to locate a calm and quiet place where there are no distractions. A quiet corner in your home, in the park or even a cave will suit just fine as long as have no chance of getting disturbed.

Begin by studying the flow of emotions and feelings that course though your body when you meditate. You can intensely concentrate or practice deep breathing in case of any negative thoughts that might come in your mind during this time.

Gradually over time, you will be able to tune in to higher frequencies and be aware of various energies in the world. The cosmic energy connects each and everything in the universe and with practice you shall be able to attune to the same thereby developing your latent abilities to their full potential.

Practice makes a skill perfect. So go ahead and practice your skills through things like palmistry and tarot card reading amidst friends and family. But remember that if you have a subject with an open mind then sensing of psychic vibrations and images become a lot easier.

Regular meditation and practice will make you an expert in viewing and reading an individual's aura. Soon you will find yourself being able to discern the different colours of the auras without concentrating much.

It will also enable you to see illnesses in people which they themselves are unaware of and even detect the true intentions of people approaching you by looking at their aura.

As you inner talents resurface, you will be able to catch brief glimpses towards the other person's past, present and future. Make sure you put in all the more hard work so that this power can be channelized on demand.

A topic that has been the epitome of controversy as well as intense fascination is the psychic ability of being able to communicate with the dead. Infact, there are strong reasons as to why children are more adept as this.

Since children have open minds that have not yet been conditioned and taught to fear the unknown, they are much stronger than us adults who have to relearn not to fear such aspects and thus lower their defenses.

Till the time an adult forces a child to erect a defense against the unknown, the child will be open to things which he cannot understand - continuing to communicate with the spirit in this case.

Hence, take a lesson from the children for a change and forget your preconceived ideas about spirits and the like. Once all such negativity is flushed out, it will be simpler to connect to the cosmic energy surrounding us.

It can be concluded by saying that a true natural phenomenon such as psychic abilities is different for different people only due to the amount of the same he is born with vis-?-vis the amount which he blocks out in the process.

Thus, it can be concluded that if put in a little time and effort, you can develop your dormant psychic abilities and change the world around you in an appositive way.