How To Gain Confidence - A Quick Way To Boost Your Confidence

Submitted by: Eednak Nagum

I don't know if you've been there. I certainly have. It's when you feel like you can't do anything right. It's when even simple things seem hard. It's when life seems to be going so bad that you can't believe it. This is around the time that you start losing confidence in yourself. This is around the time people lose faith in themselves and their abilities. And they start using the word "failure" to describe themselves. I can honestly say that those times in my life when I've felt like that have been truly awful.

When you are feeling low and miserable, it can be hard to try and maintain or build your confidence. After all, you feel like you have plenty of evidence that you are no good since you can't seem to do anything right.

The key here is to change your focus.


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When we feel down, we start focusing on what's bad. My memory when I have been down has seemed to be very selective. Only remembering the bad things that have happened in my past. And only remembering the bad things in my life at the moment. Any good stuff is discounted. Any achievements are forgotten. It's poison for our self-confidence.

So the first thing is to change your focus. To do this, an easy thing to do is to write down any successes you have had in life.

When you achieve something you feel good about yourself. The time when you feel most confident is straight after you have accomplished something. That’s why they say that for salespeople, the best time to go cold-calling is straight after you have made a sale. That’s when you feel most confident.

If you want to be confident, you need to keep fresh in your mind the times when you were successful. It’s much easier to feel successful when you can recall the feeling from earlier.

And I mean anything! When you feel really down, it may be hard to think of any achievements but if you think hard you will have to acknowledge things that you have done in the past that have been successes. Remember, even the smallest of successes counts.

Once you start writing, you'll find it easier and easier to come up with successes. The aim is to write down at least 30-50, preferably more.

The trick here is to not start saying "Oh, but that's not a real success". Just stay focused on anything that made a difference in your life or someone else's. As you get better at this, you'll be able to find success in almost everything you do.

Try and do this every day if you can. Once you have a nice long list, carry it around with you everywhere. Look at it at least once a day. Re-live and celebrate your successes. It will provide you with inspiration when things are going well and “insulation” when things aren’t going so well. Either way, it will drive you on to more success.


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