5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Shed Plan or Design - Build a Shed

Submitted by: Ryan Henderson

If you have any type of outdoor property and you have a garden of any size there is going to come a time when you have to have a shed. Don’t forget that a shed isn’t just applicable to the summer months it can be utilized to store all those winter items as well.

Once you have determined that you are ready to invest in a shed then you will need to determine if you are going to build it yourself or erect a prefabricated one. Either one there is a little planning involved or you need to follow some steps to make your shed project a successful one.

First Step:

Obviously, the primary purpose of your shed is going to be for storage. Then you may want a small amount of space to do some repairs or small hobbies. What you are considering right now is the size.


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Consider the large summer and winter items. Most certainly, you are going to want to store these in your new shed. Probably the biggest items will be your lawn mower and your snow blower. You need to think about both floor space and wall space. Many of your garden tools can be hung up.

The more you plan and organize the more you will be able to utilize the space. Now that you have an idea of just what you have to store and approximately the size of shed you need there are two more things to consider while you are still on this step. First, you need to determine just where the shed is going to be. If you have a specific amount of space available to you then your shed size is going to have to coincide with that area. Secondly, you need to think of the plan to get your shed a little bigger than what you need right now because no doubt your garden and outdoor inventory will grow.

Step Two:

Once you start shopping for your shed you are going to be amazed at the models and styles. You need to constantly keep in mind your needs. If you are going to be working in the shed quite a bit then lighting is going to be important to you. You may want something with windows or preferably a skylight. You want to utilize your walls for handing items.

Step Three:

You may have finally determined that you have found the perfect shed. It has everything you need. It’s the right size it has plenty of lighting and there’s room to grow. It’s ultra modern and sleek in design. There’s one problem your home happens to be an English style cottage and your entire landscape is English gardens. Somehow, the ultra modern just isn’t going to fit in with the over all look. You must keep this in mind during your shopping excursion, as it must blend in.

Step Four:

Determine everything thing that you are going to need before you erect your shed. No matter whether it’s a build it yourself kit or a prefab. For example, you will need some type of foundation so you need to keep that in mind and any other extras that are applicable to your needs.

Step Five:

Finally consider others. Don’t put your shed in a conspicuous place where its going to block a family members window for example. Think about your neighbors as well. I’m sure they would prefer to look out their window at your English garden rather than the back of your shed.


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