Know the Free Shed Plan You Should Get: A Look at the Types of Domestic Sheds

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Homeowners who have a lot of things inside their houses might want to consider building a shed in their backyard. Sheds mainly serve as storage spaces, but others can use it as a clubhouse and even a workspace. There are two main types of domestic sheds, namely storage sheds and garden sheds. This article takes a closer look at these two types, which can help people decide the Free Shed Plan they should use to build this kind of structure.

Storage shacks, like its name suggests, gives homeowners more storage space. This can be thought of a single-story attic, where one can place their child’s old toys, boxes of old clothes, and other knickknacks. This type of shed is also used to store items that can’t fit inside one’s garage, such as cans of gasolin


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e, bicycles, and gardening tools and chemicals (e.g. herbicide).

There are three types of storage shacks that are categorized based on the materials used to build the structure. The most common type is the wooden shed, which is – naturally – made out of wood. It is also the cheapest to build, but requires annual maintenance and doesn’t last very long. Metal sheds, on the other hand, are made from aluminum and even galvanized steel. These types of sheds are very durable and can withstand any type of weather. Finally, vinyl sheds are considered as the most durable of the three, and hardly requires any maintenance. However these sheds are also very expensive to construct.

Garden shacks are the second type of domestic sheds. These are normally used to store gardening items, such as seeds, pots, rakes, hedge clippers, and lawnmowers. There are four kinds of garden sheds, namely the basic, tool, 3-in-1, and large garden shacks. A basic garden lean-to is used to store gardening equipment and is the smallest. It is normally made from lumber and, based on an online Free Shed Plan, is the easiest to build. Tool sheds are similar to basic garden shacks in the sense that these are also used as storage spaces for garden tools. The only difference is that tool shacks are usually made out of metal.

A 3-in-1 garden lean-to not only includes space to store gardening items, but also features an area where people can keep their potted plants and a small gazebo. Suffice to say this is much larger than the previous two types, and homeowners may design or build this structure based on their needs. Finally, a large garden lean-to is found in large gardens, and gives enough space to do additional gardening activities and to store even the largest gardening equipment.

You can always get a Free Shed Plan on the Internet that can serve as your guide to building this structure. These plans include the proposed dimensions of the structure, the different needed materials, and even a step-by-step instruction guide. Who knows? Maybe the shed you’re planning to build may become your child’s new playhouse or a place where you can do your next do-it-yourself project!


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