My Sport Betting Review of a Strategy With a Strike Rate of Over 90%

Submitted by: Billy Wilson

Is it possible to make money from gambling? That is the $1,000,000:00 question.

Until recently I would have said Yes, sometimes! The problem is not making winning bets. Most people I know have winners on a daily basis. The problem is they also have losers on a daily basis, which usually far exceed the winners, resulting in a loss on the day.

I've been gambling since I was 14 years old. I know it wasn't legal back then but when has something being illegal ever stopped anyone from doing it. Of course I've had some wins, even some big wins. I've even had some winning months. But over the course of a year? Forget it.

I was having a drink one day with a friend and a TV was playing in the background. My friend seemed almost preoccupied with it, which was


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surprising as he isn't really into sports. When I mentioned this to him he rather sheepishly admitted that he had a bet on the game.

I say sheepishly because over the years I had taken so much stick from him over my betting habits, and now he was admitting to being a secret gambler. Obviously, it was now my turn to give him a hard time and dish it out for a change.

After we had gone on for a while I got a bit serious and asked him why he had started. After all, I always admitted that in the end the Bookmaker always wins. "Well," says he, "not always". He had me now. Here was this confirmed non-gambler actually taken the role of the punter. Not only that, but he believed that the punter could win!

He then went on to explain that he had come across a site where the guy was making incredible claims of success, somewhere in the region of 95-97% of his bets were winning. Now I'm no mathematical genius, but you don't have to be to realise that anything over a 50% strike rate is extremely good going. So if this guy can get anywhere near his predicted rate of 95%, you would have to stick to him like glue and take him pretty seriously.

I decided to take a closer look at the website. After all, maybe it was just a lucky streak he was going through. I remember last July, I had 20 winners out of 21 selections and I felt as if I was unbeatable. Oh the euphoria! However, by the time the end of August came along, I was back to the old routine. Win some, lose more.

So I went ahead and signed up. I've been doing it now for four months and in that time we've had one loser. I'll say that again, just in case you think you dreamt it. WE HAD ONE LOSER IN FOUR MONTHS. I was almost distraught. But not him. He just said that the next bet would win and make up the small losses. Do you know what? HE WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

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About the Author: Bill Smyth has been gambling for over 45 years. He has come across many strategies in that time and has tried many, usually at great personal cost. He couldn't believe the success rate of this system.Click Here for further information.