Sport Betting Terminology : 101

Submitted by: Ryan Pauline

Sports betting have increased in recognition and are attracting a lot of people to take part of it. Some of these new aficionados have little or no knowledge at all the jargons that are commonly used in this business. In order to better understand how it works, it is best for those who are new to this to know the basic sport betting terminology that is commonly used in this type of gambling.

There are frequently used sport betting terminologies used in the trade. For a novice, the first term that must be learned is “action”. Action, in sport betting jargon, is simply the act of taking part in the activity. By saying, “I want to take part in the action” signifies the willingness to participate in the betting.

“Sportsbook” is the establishment that takes bets for sports betting, or most


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generally known as a book. The person taking in the bets is known as the “bookie.”

Another term to remember is “handicap”. This simply means to grant one team a point or points-advantage with the intention of leveling the gambling field. For example, in a game where Team A is a stronger opposition than Team B, the odds for winning a bet on Team B is given a +3 handicap since Team A is a much stronger team as compared to Team B. This, in effect, will entice gamblers to place a bet on the losing team .If at the end of the game the score is 10-8 in favor of Team A, Team B wins in the betting because their final score is given a +3 handicap, making the score 10-11, in favor of Team B.

“Handle” is one common term used in the trade. It means the total money wagered on bets. “Juice” is the portion of all the bets withheld by the bookmaker as his proceeds. It is synonymous to the word “vig” or vigorish. In most cases, the bookie takes a fixed fraction of the handle, but more frequently it is already added within the odds.

“The spread” is commonly used in sporting events such as basketball which produce high point scores. It is essentially a handicap utilized to make a match evened-out in order to allow bettors to bet on the underdog. The spread grants one team a lead of a small number of points. In a spread type of betting, the advantaged team is indicated first, preceded by a negative figure which indicates the spread in effect. In addition, team playing in its home court is written in bold letters. To better illustrate the spread, we shall use this example. Team A is the advantaged team, and team B is the underdog. The spread for this match will appear to be like this: Team A -10; TEAM B. In this example, Team A must win by 10 points in order for those who bet on Team A to win.

And finally the sport betting terminology which every greenhorn should learn is, “money line”. For sporting events such as soccer, the point-difference is not wide enough to employ the point spread so money line is utilized in its place. If one wants to wager on the crowd favorite, say Team A, then one has to wager $5.50 for every $5 one wants to win. And if one chooses to wager on the less favored Team B, one has to bet $5 for every $5.50 one wishes to win.


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