Secrets 2 WoW Gold - The Cheapest Gold Tricks For Power Leveling in World of Warcraft

Submitted by: Rishab Salian

In level based mmorpg computer games, like World Of Warcraft, everyone wants to be at the top of the level building exercise. Its a race out there to reach the pinnacle of the game (gamers use words like ownage or pwnage to express this kind of feeling). Some gamers even do it for "commercial" exercises such as to sell their characters to much aspiring ones for a good amount. Well whatever the case, it is safe to perceive that the ultimate kick lies in reaching the top, in a level based game like World of Warcraft or WoW (as popularly known) which is played by a massively huge number of online players. The ultimate objective, which is, to reach the level X in World Of Warcraft and the ways to pursue just that, is the basis of this article. So lets get started a


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nd let me show how this is done...

Call it the ultimate powerleveling, gold farming techniques or the ultimate worldofwarcraft gold guide or leveling guide, here are the ways to reach the WoW pinnacle:

Gamers involve a number of tactics to ward off the pressure to reach the pinnacle in World Of Warcraft. To sum them, here are the two distinct ways:

Buying World of Warcraft “Cheap Gold” online (Short term and costly)

Learning The Secrets On How To Do It In-Game (Long term and cheap, if not free)

At the end of this article, I hope you would be better poised to decide what was ultimately the better way of procuring unlimited in-game gold in Worldofwarcraft !!!

Buying World of Warcraft Cheap Gold online:

Here is a technique that was at one time the only way to go about, to stay right in the race. In the beginning, it set about everyone rushing to buy their own share of in-game WoW gold for powerleveling faster than others. Gamers used to buy these cheap gold [ hunting for these online sites that claimed to be associated with worldofwarcraft com and selling the cheapest gold out there ] to purchase in-game items and "leveling" their characters and to finally render their pwnage affect over other gamers.

However, these online cheap gold purchasing techniques which promises a world of gold for instant powerleveling by purchasing the cheapest gold for wow from them, has its own downfalls to it, as explained further on.


First of all, these so called “cheap gold” had to be purchased, any insane amount of in-game worldofwarcraft gold you want, as long as you could afford to pay for it. Every time. Need gold? Buy cheap gold here! Need more, we got more! … goes the advertisement sometimes, promising that whole world of gold. So what starts off in a one-off curiosity stint pretty soon becomes a VERY EXPENSIVE PROPOSITION. You start off with a small amount of money and as you loose gold within the game, its natural to look upon purchasing more “cheap gold” for WoW. As the measure to fill in the in-game coffers again. Its very easy for even the not-so-addictive gamers to get addicted to this and later realize that they have already lost a substantial amount of real money by following the "Buy Online Cheap Gold For WorldOfWarcraft for instant Power Leveling" procedure. Once your are addicted to it, you will realize soon that it will be ultra expensive.


Every gamer who plays a popular game like worldofwarcraft, is part of a gaming community that the game has wound around itself. You begin to instill within yourself a feeling of being a worldofwarcraft com – munity member, without having spent much time in the game. You make friends and pals and the game becomes your second life sooner than you could have imagined. Now how about being called names and being referred to as a cheater within this worldofwarcraft com – munity? No one will like that, it is hurting and embarrassing! When gamers discover the fact that you have been indulging in some cheap gold buying tactics to render your pwnage dreams, they will definitely not be impressed and will soon call you names and express their hatred by calling you a 'cheater' and declare you a GAMING SOCIAL OUTCAST. Rather, the right thing is to ask these experienced gamers for help and guidance... as I explain later in this article.


Its definitely not legit! The negative impact of buying gold, has been well explained at Blizzard's World of Warcraft Terms of Services as mentioned at worldofwarcraft com website. As far as buying gold is concerned, it is very clearly mentioned that is illegal to buy gold online and use it in-game. You can check for yourself IN the part of World Of Warcraft Terms Of Services that refers to it by directing your browser to Essentially, this is how WoW's feels about it, “Players who buy gold are supporting spamming, botting, and keylogging – activities that diminish the gameplay experience for everyone else.” These gamers are definitely risking a ban on their account, after Blizzard having clearly mentioned their stand on it.

Learning The Secrets On How To Do It In-Game:

Blizzard came up with WoW or worldofwarcraft, to upscale the success of the warcraft franchise. WoW was born with the need of getting all the gamers who enjoyed the original warcraft series [ warcraft - reign of chaos and the frozen throne ] to come together online and engage in playing warcraft together, albeit this time as a massively multi-player online role playing game or mmorpg. The earlier warcraft, but just that this time its set within a big and scalable map for going massively multi-player, where we have all the players connected and playing together through the Internet ... thats all that WoW is!

WoW became what was essentially a mmorpg, level-based game, where you “farm” / “creep” or do tasks and “shop” to empower your in-game characters with powers. These powers increase in-game parameters like strength and agility, for example, which is to say that it ultimately leads to powering-up or leveling up your character. The correct way to do it, as per the permitted gameplay and rules of the game, is to use in-game tactics and strategies to hoard or collect gold. However its easier said than done and only time and experience teaches you that. Most of the gamers, due to lack of guidance, fail to understand just how to do this right, and hence end up running wrong tactics and means and fairing poorly in the game eventually. It is essential to learn the rights ways to do it to ensure limitless supply of gold. A good way to do this is to learn from experts gamers or experienced WoW players. They have gone through all those tactics that you are busy trying and have now perfected just the right stuff necessary to ensure getting in-game gold on demand. These experienced WoW gamers are your living world of warcraft guide! Why re-invent the wheel, when your can refer to these live world of warcraft gold guides? They [ the experienced WoW gamers ] have found the ultimate and time tested ways and means to do it. A lot of these experience gamers refer to these tactics and tricks as secrets! Which most of these gamers are definitely not willing to let out. But if you hang around in the community and make some friends with these fellow experienced gamers, maybe you could learn from them eventually or pitch them the question one day as to let you in one of these closely guarded secrets, and they might probably just oblige, just for you. This could take time, sometimes long time. However there is another way around this too...

The other way to learn about all the “Secrets 2 WoW Gold” is to refer to the ultimate gold guide for worldofwarcraft written by these experienced gamers. This is a guide that I came along-with and was not too eager about. However a little probing gave me some indicators about this guide. They are as follows:

The Secrets 2 WoW Gold Guide features the following:


This guide has been selling, since over 2 years now and has proved to have worked to create something like 200+ golds per hour.

A number of beginners and experienced gamers likewise, have provided their testimonials stating that these techniques are time tested, they work, they are not expensive at all [ they are all in-game ], and are completely safe to use.


The author also shows himself playing on live server [ not a fake one ] and displays around his rich inventory, which he made using the the techniques that he has complied in his wow gold guide.


The author offers his gold guide or leveling guide with compliance to all future WoW upgrades.


The purchase comes with 7 VALUABLE BONUSES like -

The Auctioneer's Resource - techniques and strategies that are so deadly simple- but they continue to work day after day, week after week.

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The "Twink Profits" guide which will deliver the most profitable items and their locations right to even low level players, for incredible ways to make serious amount of gold very quickly.

FREE Lifetime Upgrades since WoW changes rapidly. Updates to the guide would be sent right over to the purchaser's email ID!


The secret techniques disclosed in this guide is as legit as Blizzard wants it to be, to maintain the spirit and appropriate gameplay experience of WoW. It has taught WoW gamers the way the game is really meant to be played!


This guide has been lauded for its simplicity. It has been compared to several guides available and has been declared as the most effective guide but while being the most simplest too. However still, the author has a refund policy for gamers who could not make it to the other side with this leveling guide.

You could find more about this guide at its support site at and learn the power leveling secrets to making gold in WoW without diminishing the gameplay and paying for it through the roof.

The site needs you, to opt-in for its newsletter to receive 2 free tips. You could try these free tips to make in-game gold right away! And that is good enough, so that you could actually test a couple of the guide's techniques before deciding to buy the guide. Ain't that cool? Why waste anything that comes as free as beer? Just head on and get it for yourself before its gone.


About the Author: Rishab Salian is a respected member from the gaming fraternity. He is the founder of LSG brand of electronic gaming centers [ EGC ]. The author is a consultant to prominent industry leaders in electronic gaming in India like Sify, Reliance and Zapak [ part of the $ 100 million Reliance Entertainment Group ]. Besides, he is also the web master for multiple gaming websites which he is very proud of.