Toddlers Are People Too

Submitted by: Cori Swidorsky

It’s humorous and sad at the same time that our child’s first word learned is usually “no”. I started to wonder myself if I knew any other word besides “no” when it came to talking to my child. I don’t recall ever hearing stories of children needing therapy because all they heard is no as a child. So let’s not feel so bad about having to say no a lot during those crucial curious years.

Toddlers are mini adults in the making, what a wonderful time to start molding them. Why not start teaching them about making choices and decisions? Instead of always saying “no”, maybe we need to explain to them the consequences of their actions, or maybe let them do something you normally wouldn’t let them do. Of course as long as its nothing that could harm them or someone else. Instead of saying “no, do


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n’t touch that candle”, what if we said “ that candle is very hot, you could burn yourself, you don’t want to hurt yourself do you”? What if you said yes to finger painting instead of worrying about them getting messy, isn’t that the fun of finger painting to begin with?

I have found that allowing my toddlers a little more freedom with decision making, they are more likely to clean up after they make a mess, or brush their teeth when its bed time. Toddlers are people too; they like to be able to choose what they will wear, what they will eat, and what they will play. If we are always saying no to our children, then our children want to always say no to us.

Let your toddler feel important, let them have a voice and let them become the adult they will one day be.


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