America Travel Attractions Are The Most Sought After

Submitted by: Michalle Law

Traveling to America will be one of the greatest experiences of your life may be because it is the large country with the perception of the country that any one want to travel to. There are several attractions which can easily be called the most sought after in the world. To begin with, you have Walt Disney World, which has thousands of visitors from not only foreign countries, but from America as well. There are many cartoon characters which are a sheer delight, and will entertain visitors all day and all night as well. Next you have the famed Hollywood studios, which begin with the Hollywood signage which is looks fabulous from the sky. Those who can afford it can ask for a sky ride as well. They can look at studios and sets which are constructed in these, where they shoot films.



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beaches along California are a delight, as they are pleasant and inviting all year through. The Grand Canyon is one natural wonder that should never be ignored when visiting America. It has been listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A glass walk through has been built, for all visitors to walk across and have a look down under. Moving east, there is the White House in Washington, which stands as a figure of power for everyone to see. The tour inside this building is exciting as well. Since this country is the only super power in the world, this building is sought after a lot as well. In the same city, you have the National Museum.

This houses the Declaration of Independence which is looked at in awe, by members of the American society as well as foreigners. Next you have Capitol Hill, which also looks at the Library of Congress. This is where the Declaration was signed by members of the Congress, when the country got independence, and thus is an important tourist spot. The Supreme Court of the country is part of the hill, and this is where any accused gets freedom, and thus is also popular as it speaks of a lot of power.

In New York City, one can never let go of the Statue of Liberty. This is the gateway to America, and is what the country is remembered for. Several refugees came to America through this gateway after the Second World War and are thus looked at, as a very important part of American culture. Much before 9/11 happened; the Twin Towers were the spot that attracted millions of tourists, as it was the tallest building in the world. After this tragedy, this spot is still not forgotten, and though it is called Ground Zero, there is thousands of visitors’ everyday to this spot.

Madame Tussad’s wax studio, which houses some of the world’s most famous personalities, is another popular tourist spot. Times Square, at the heart of the city is crowded and loved by tourists at all times of the year, because it is very lively as well as entertaining. Most of these experiences are sure never to be forgotten by anyone.


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