Why Travel To South America?

Submitted by: Chris Hardyman

Why travel to South America? The continent has some of the worlds friendliest people, and attractions to suit all tastes. Here are some ideas with regards to just a few of South America's amazingly diverse travel highlights.

Iguassu Falls is on the border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. For many this is South America’s number 1 travel highlight. The roaring waterfalls are truly enormous in size - try to visit during the wet season for the most impressive panoramic views. There’s also good birdwatching and jungle lodges in nearby Argentina.

Argentina’s (and indeed Chile’s) Patagonia region is a beautiful land of lakes and mountains. This area is an outdoor enthusiasts dream, with excellent hiking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding and other outdoor activities being possible. The region


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is huge, and highly varied: Bariloche id popular for golf, fishing and trekking; El Calafate offers some bleakly beautiful landscapes and stunning glaciated National Parks; and the Valdes Peninsula is a great region for spotting wildlife such as seals, sea lions and whales.

Peru’s Nazca Lines date back to 900 BC it is believed. These incredible lines are of images etched into the desert – from the air it’s best to spot the various sketchings. Images are found of various animals, including birds, dos, monkeys and spiders. It’s asll shrouded in mystery, and no-one really knows how the drawings got there.

Ecuador is an immensely biodiverse country, and it’s rainforests are some of the most easily accessible in South America. Ecuador’s Amazon region has the pick of luxury jungle lodges, where activities offered to tourists usually include rainforest tours, piranha fishing, wildlife watching, birdwatching, night time caiman watching tours and more. Elsewhere in Ecuador, Mindo also has some great jungle lodges and is one of South America’s top birdwatching destinations.

One of the most beautiful and romantic colonial cities in South America is undoubtedly Cartagena, in Colombia. The fact that the city is still not overrun with tourists simply adds to the charm. Cartagena is well away from Colombia’s trouble spots, and has long been a safe city to visit. Many cruise ships now make a regular port of call – and visitors are enthralled by the cobbled streets and beautiful plazas and monuments dating from the colonial times. While the cities beaches are rather unclean and hectic, the nearby Rosario Islands offer a perfect beach retreat.

Some of South America’s most amazing white sand beaches are found at Park Tayrona. The landscape could be described as an empty tropical beach paradise, full of beautiful bays and coves. The fact that there is only one hotel (though lots of camping options) keeps the tourist hordes away – at Park Tayrona you can experience a paradise without seeing another soul all day.

Many people travel to Venezuela for just one reason – to visit the waterfall of Angel Falls. At 979 metres in height, Angel Falls is the worlds highest. A flight over Angel falls is a quite spectacular experience, or alternatively canoe trips can be arranged to see the falls at close quarters. The landscape in nearby Canaima National Park is also quite beautiful – this is where the Last of the Mohicans film was shot.

South America's immense diversity means a truly memorable holiday is possible for all.


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