The Power of the Brain - What You do Not Know

Submitted by: Gregory Frost

Sometime during the 1800’s, there was a discovery of the phenomenon of the brain, in which he postulated that the brain produced electromagnetic or electric waves and activity along the surface of the scalp. He actually found this when he actually delved into animal testing part of science and found that within rabbits and monkeys, there were electrical phenomenal within the exposed cerebral hemisphere of the brain. Somewhere around the early 20th century, there was also a Russian scientist who actually made the same discoveries in mammals and dogs, and claimed that he could evoke these very same electrical activities within their brain as well. These discoveries have been very important for the scientific world and mankind.

They actually over did this in respects and actually induced some


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seizures in their animal subjects. Moving on to the later part of this century, E.E.G machines were then used to detect whether or not humans would have these same activities and it was proved that yes, even in human subject, the brain within our scalps had the ability to produce these very same pulses. Of course, at that point of time, no one actually knew how the application of these brainwaves would and could be used for the benefit of mankind, and it was only much later that people realised that these brainwaves actually evoke super states within the mind. The technology behind this is called brainwave entrainment or also known within the same circles as brainwave synchronizations.

This is the practice using outside and auditory stimulation to evoke the frequency following effect in the brain and cause the specific brainwave to be produced in the brain itself. The use of this technology is actually centred on audio waves which have been engineered in a lab to make the cortical in the brain to respond to these waves. Then how to do this is actually to produce two different frequencies and introduce them to the ears. The sound that is introduced to the ears is actually sounds that cannot be heard by normal human ears, but can be picked up within the cortical of the brain. One of the things about this technology is the ease of use and all you need to be able to execute this technology is to find a quiet spot and allocate about 20 mins at a time. The engineered sounds is placed within a CD and overlaid within music that is both relaxing as well as allows the mind to slip into an easier to emolliate state.

This is how you will be able to release the power of the brain, and let just say, that the brain in all of us, no matter who, no matter where, is capable of power beyond recognition and beyond understanding. You will have total control over mind and body, and gain the power and edge needed to succeed in life and be the best that you can be. No more will emotions and bad traits be the boon to stopping you from achieving this success.


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