How To Create A PDF eBook For Under $20

Submitted by: James Spinosa

Ebooks are currently one of the most widely used tools for successful affiliate marketers. Those that are making $200,000 a year or more bolster their revenues by creating an ebook about themselves and how they make money while advertising others how-to-guides. Ebooks can also be created for list building purposes, many affiliate marketers make the majority of their money through opt-in mailing lists and the way to gain subscribers is typically to give some kind of gift such as a piece of software or an ebook that will entice visitors to sign up.

The vast majority of your future ebook readers will be using Adobe's Acrobat Reader, so to accommodate for this you need to make sure that whatever .pdf conversion tool you are using, it is fully compliant with Abode's reader. The mistake most peo


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ple make though is that they see Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional at the Adobe site that says it is for making .pdf ebooks and they assume that it is the only software that will work for their purposes. This is simply not the case, Adobe Acrobat Professional costs in the range of $250 and basically has less functionality than a completely open source solution that works perfectly with all .pdf readers. This solution is, using OpenOffice is far cheaper and much more reliable than Acrobat, it is also a full word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, etc. productivity suite that I frankly prefer over any of Microsoft's products for the past 10 years.

Steps to making a stunning ebook that will boost sales, build your mailing list, and attract visitors:

1. Observe your competition, check to see what they are doing with their ebooks and if they are successful emulate their tactics.

2. Find a topic that you are an expert in and write an ebook, write for quality not for length.

3. Convert it using a free .pdf converter tool such as

4. Brand your ebook using a graphic such as a three-dimensional binder as well as a catchy title.

5. Watch the money pour in, regardless of what method you use to make money off the book.

The problem that many will face is that when it comes time to sell their ebook, distribute it, give it away, etc. there is no logo to rally behind. In the past I have built a few ebooks which I have asked graphic designers to build the logos for me and it can cost up to $200 per image, I am certainly not going to pay out that much of my hard earned profits for a logo on a promotional item. Luckily I found a far cheaper solution which I can actually resell to other webmasters, marketers etc. For $19.99 I found a package that produces those 3-d covers that attract massive attention along with a master resell rights license so that I can transmit any licenses to those that buy the product off me, as well as having complete freedom over the sale of the software. Within a day of purchasing it I had already turned a profit from the software itself by selling it to a few webmasters.


About the Author: James Clipp is an internet entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and founder of Affiliate Marketer Guides. To start creating your own 3-d covers for your ebooks visit Instant Cover Creator. To get his most recent book, check out Back to Basics: Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing.