The Power of PDF

Submitted by: Nathan Martyn

Almost a quarter century ago, two developers decided to create their very own product, that would later become a huge asset to the technological industry. They changed their name, set up shop in a small space and with persistence and hard word, their product was born. By adding to their company other trail blazing ideas, they enhanced the muscle of their marketable flexibility, giving them a cutting edge above the rest.

Although there are other companies who offer PDF formatting, there are some products that perform on a higher scale.

Why PDF is a Value Add

I love using and highly recommend it to any one who wants to maintain authenticity to your work, without the prospect of any stealing or changing your content. Plagiarism is as rampant as identity theft and when PDFs are in place, no one can take cl


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aim to your work. Words are powerful and when you couple knowledge with words you get value.

In addition, when I send documents to an online printing company, I have found when I use a PDF format, this helps me remain confident that my material is not misconstrued during transmission. Otherwise you risk loosing your formatting, layout, design elements and even certain characters. It's amazing how sensitive technology is, even with recent advancements. PDF files maintain their shape, so to speak and your g's come out looking like g's and not looking like cj's. Yes, without PDF formats in place, different letters can be transformed into other letters when being transmitted to a different location.

All PDF programs I have used give me the flexibility of controlling what elements I want a reader to have, when they view my documents. Like, if I submit a PDF file to my website, I can determine if I want someone to be able to cut and paste any parts of the material. There are times when you want others to cut and paste certain items, like address, telephone number, hours of business, etc. During set up of your document, you can place all information you want others to cut and paste into text boxes and set controls for easy access.

Other enhancements are you can place a password on your document, for other who may need to gain access to edit your work, add elements to content and delete as well. These files can also be used to to be converted to other software formats, provided the necessary add-ons are installed and appropriate rights are put into place.

The Future

Digital industries are becoming well known for their ability to attract and maintain talent. Companies who were once at the grassroots of PDF structuring, are now reaping the rewards of their ideas that took them from unknown to wide spread demand. We are in an era of digital advancements on a recurring basis with no end in site. It's moving strong and is becoming a workplace need. With the world we live in going green, the PDF scanning features are being used as a digital filing system in many corporate arenas today.

That being said, PDF use will continue to rank high as it's parent's expectations. Each time a parent is recognized, their child is recognized as well, particular when the child is standing tall and shining bright with the elements of a good foundation provided by it's guardians. The use of PDF formatting will remain a strong contender in the technological paradigm.


About the Author: Nathan Martyn is webmaster of HTML to PDF, a free conversion tool for creating a PDF document from any HTML page or snippet. No registration is required and it's quick. You can convert any HTML file, snippet or URL to PDF instantly.

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