Better Vision WIthout Glasses or Surgery

Submitted by: Tony Norella

Vision is god's gift to every living creative. It plays a crucial role in the life history of Homosapiens. A person can't even think of the world without his eyesight. A small thought of loss of eyesight to a human can't even be tolerated by him. The prominence of vision helps in many ways. To know good and bad, to see beauties of nature, to differentiate lovely colors.

Vision can be improved by taking Vitamin-A rich compounds. Foods containing Vitamin-A include leafy vegetables, fish, milk, eggs, carrot etc. Consumption of these eatables reduces Vitamin-A deficiency.

Moreover, nowadays, many children are becoming affected with eyesight problems. Most of them are addicted to TV's and Video games. Watching TV's and playing video-games and spending long hours in the company of a computer w


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ill destroy optic nerves and will gradually lead to eyesight problems. Also people must wear glasses and even helmets in polluted areas so as dust particles may not accommodate in the eyes. These days every house is affected by drinking water problems. Everyone is using filtered water which contains even contains microbes. To avoid this and say goodbye to our host microbes, we must boil our water. Drinking boiled water reduces health problems which include eyesight deficiency. The ascending order of eyesight deficiency growth can even be caused by blind religious beliefs. Because even these days many people are practicing them without common knowledge. It includes pouring of lemon juice into eyes which shows a drastic effect on eyes, which can cause great harm to the eyes.

Vitamin-A deficiency causes beriberi disease. It may even cause Exophthalmia/night blindness. As eyes are one of the five sensitive organs one must use them properly. Unusual cosmetics and expired cosmetics should not be applied on them. One must reduce spending large hours in front of latest technological devices such as TV's, Computer etc. In taking large quantities of water improves vision. Properly cooked and uncontaminated food should be consumed.

Many Physical exercises and practicing yoga and meditation help improve eyesight. There are many vision related asanas in yoga by which the eyesight will be maintained accurately. Jaundice a well known eye disorder is caused by eating contaminated food. It reduces human vision. This even leads to death of a person. This can be avoided by eating less oil content foods. Consumption of the cholesterol rich foods has to be reduced. Improved vision can be achieved by obeying above guidelines.

One has to take proper care of the Vision. Crying for a long time even reduces Vision. Though it cleans our eyes, continuous crying is no good for the mind and eyes. So our mind should be trained properly to maintain our health. Only good should be seen with our eyes. It should not direct us to bad. Then there will be a meaning for our eyes.

Students must keep in mind that continuous reading will have a fatal effect on eyes. So they must take much time gaps between their studies. Students are future citizens who pave the way for our developed world. So they must incorporate these things and insist others do as well.


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