What is Plugin Profit Site?

Submitted by: Asep Komara

A plug in profit website is basically an affiliate marketing site. The idea was invented by a marketing genius, Stone Evans. A free website would be custom built for you with pre-loaded associate programs when you sign up as a plug in profit site affiliate. Once the site is built, you can use the site to attract other likeminded people to sign up. The program work like a chain, and you earn money as commission (either instant or in future, as the case be) when your affiliate make others sign up with him.

PIP websites run advertisements to attract people planning some business venture. The site may also run adverts and the owner of the site would benefit by means of a commission if some visitor purchases from any of the advertised products. Another feature of a plug in profit website is that you are rewarded wit


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h a PIP sales page which you are free to promote at your will. As the page is entrenched with the associate links of your site, anyone joining down your line joins your team and thereby, you become eligible for commissions.

The beauty of the scheme is that when one person joins under you in any of the affiliated program, you may get commissions for all the programs currently enlisted. The associate programs currently enlisted are SFI, Empowerism, Host4Profit, Success University and Leisure Audio Books. So it looks something like you are selling five products in one go, and you would get residual commissions for all of these.

The principle is more or less like chain marketing, but the initial costs incurred are much less as the site is offered for free of cost. There is an upfront charge when you join, and fixed monthly charges to affiliate programs. You also should have a home office and a domain on your own. The domain would cost you a yearly charge.

However, these three charges pale in comparison with the benefits accrued to you if you work diligently and systematically. There is no short cut for hard work. You have to keep in mind that nothing comes for free and should dedicate some time for promoting your site to others. Always remember that you would earn money only when someone join or buy any products from the advertisements on your web page.

Another feature of PIP business is that once you join, you become eligible to receive pre-written newsletters which you can use for promoting your site. You also get a training manual when you sign up. The manual helps you to understand the business better and would guide you step by step towards success. Your up-lines can also help you in this endeavour.

The biggest advantage of Plug in Profit Site is that you need not study rocket science in order to run it. No knowledge on the technical aspects is required. The site provides you enough training and support facilities. To top them all, you can earn residual income from a single sale for many months.


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