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Submitted by: Sam Brodie

So you want to create a Wordpress membership website?

Building a membership website is a smart method of making money online. Though it may not be the simplest, as your traffic has to be returning frequently and your content must be undoubtedly worthy of trust, the rewards can be tremendous and a steady income is very desireable for an internet guru. But how should someone go about making a membership website? One might enlist the help of a programmer to come up with a site for you from scratch. However, this is expensive and takes a lot of time and ultimately is not the most logical solution in terms of functionality. Instead, turn to Wordpress, the blogging platform that doubles as a robust CMS capable of running very complicated sites with the inclusion of the appropriate theme and plugin. There are 4


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popular Wordpress membership plugins that have broken away from the pack:


*Digital Access Pass

*Wishlist Membe

*Your Members

Though they are all approximately the same price, there is a huge difference in quality between the four.

My Favorite: Digital Access Pass

My choice of the four is Digital Access Pass. The installation is fast, the tech support is superb, and the number of features is very impressive. With Digital Access Pass you can:

*Drip Content easily and intuitively with TruDrip

*Hide part of a post

*Hide files from direct access

*Assign unlimited membership levels

*Integrate it with Aweber or use the built in email autoresponde

*Combine it with Clickbank or utilize the included affiliate manager (which is a breeze to use)

*and more!

While researching I read a bunch of reviews by people who experienced much success with Wishlist Member, though I was a Wishlist Member user before I came over to DAP and think its content dripping system very complicated and bulky. Whereas with DAP, you can simply modify the day that a certain page or post is available in the user control panel, with Wishlist Member you have to create a brand new membership level for every piece of content you wish to drip. Therefore if you have twenty different pages that you wanted to allow new members to download over the course of 60 days, you would have to create twenty different membership levels. For this reason alone, I prefer Digital Access Pass over Wishlist Member.

Second Choice: Wishlist Membe

Though I recommend Digital Access Pass to most webmasters trying to create a Wordpress membership site, there is one case where I would favor Wishlist Member over Digital Access Pass. If you are not interested in dripping content, then Wishlist Member is the better choice. I found Wishlist Member to be a tad more easy to configure and found its support documentation and video to be superb. This is in contrast to Digital Access Pass's which at times is a bit confusing and sometimes outdated. However, this should not deter you from DAP as the support through the ticket system is fast and extremely.

What about Your Members and Member Wing

With 2 solid Wordpress plugins, Digital Access Pass and Wishlist Member, there is no need to go into too much detail about the remaining two plugins, which I found a bit buggy. The support is not nearly as in depth or as good, in fact Your Members has only a public forum for support. There's no included Affiliate manager like in DAP, and there's also no included email autoresponder.

Bottom Line

If you're planning on making multiple membership sites and you would like to have as broad and as complete a feature list as possible, go with Digital Access Pass. It does everything, plus integrates with the best email marketing company, AWeber , so you can start developing and pitching your email list. Else, if you are only making a simple Wordpress membership site and you don't need to drip content, Wishlist Memberis your best bet.


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