Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes

By Roy Preece

The WordPress platform is becoming more and more the industry standard for small online businesses, especially in email marketing.

WordPress is a free "open source" blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. So it is ideal for building a simple website and then adding and improving it as your business grows.

You create a theme for your website on WordPress by Installing a chosen theme. There are many free themes available to businesses that are excellent and can be adapted to your brand design and layout.

When looking for a WordPress Commerce theme, you need to make sure the theme you choose is efficient (it has all of the options and columns etc you want) professional, easy to maintain and update and most importantly -- user friendly.It will not be


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good if you have a by fancy logo but it takes so long to load all your potential customers click off your site before they even see it!There are a number of polls and articles on which WordPress Ecommerce themes are the best.

The Design Modo, Design Woop, Woo Commerce themes can be compared against WordPress's own Ecommerce theme …. TwentyTwelve.

It's worth searching through the themes available on WordPress via your colour scheme or layout to get the best match with your design goals,and then tailor your chosen theme to your business.

You can search for themes by clicking Appearance and then Themes on your WordPress Dashboard.Most WordPress themes can be easily altered and moulded to shape your requirements, with very little effort.

For example, if you download a theme that is absolutely perfect but the font used is Comic Sans and your business font is always Georgia …. you can go to your Themes Editor and simply replace comic sans with Georgia and save changes.

This is the heart of why Free WordPress themes are so popular and so useful. Because all the time consuming code has been written for you and all the presentation is neatly arranged. You just have to adjust the odd font here and there.

When choosing a WordPress Ecommerce theme, you want to make sure the theme will be easy to customise, that it has a smart dashboard for quick and transparent changes and that it reflects the tone you wish to set in your business.

Once you have installed your theme you can add on the important extras.The most important extra is a plug in that enables Paypal and or merchant account billing. These are relatively simple to set up and find.

From your dashboard simply go to PlugIns, then Add New and search for Paypal or merchant accounts and choose the plug in that suits your needs. Once this is set up, your website can now take payment, which is fantastic.

The next extra would be another Plug In to enable BACs or cheque payments and this is installed in the same way as the Paypal billing.

Google Analytics can be run off all the WordPress themed sites and this is worth doing, especially if you are trying out more than one type of site layout, you can do a double blind test and see which site receives more traffic.

Next, you want to make sure your WordPress is connected through social media.

You can add Tweetily and Link Me to Facebook PlugIns as well very easily that mean that your website automatically tweets a post or a page to Twiter at selected intervals!

Now, you are always present in your followers news feeds -- and your new posts automatically update on your business Facebook page as well. There are PlugIns for LinkedIn and Yelp and the other social media sites you might be a member of and it is worth maximising your free theme by linking them all together through your website.

The final extra that is essential on any Ecommerce theme is to add a Forum Plug-In or a place for feedback.It is a great way to drive traffic to your website if you have people discussing in your forum the services you are selling. However, when it comes to comments, forums and feed backs, always set your WordPress theme to alert you to new comments before posting. That way you keep control of what people are publicly saying about you.