Be A Pro In Warcraft

Submitted by: Joe R. Maldonado

Warcraft is the most competitive game in the world as there are over 10 million players playing the game with only one ambition and that is to Buy WOW Gold. When you start playing this game then, it is easy in initial levels but still to be a pro, you will need lot of help. This help can come from already playing players who have the experience and this is the reason that you need to make goo relation with the experienced players. They can provide you with some good help.

First thing is to create your character and there are two factions from which you will need to make your character. First faction is alliance, in this faction, you can choose to be a Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome or Draenei while in the second faction which is horde, you can be Orc, Troll, Tauren, Undead, Blood Elf. Both of these factions will


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provide you same kind of class and you can be Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, Mage, Priest, Shaman, Druid, Paladin or Death Knight. Once you created your character then, you need to level up and initial levels are very easy to grasp and you can do them very easily. They are so easy that you can experiment with the choice of your character in first 10 to12 levels but after that you need to stick with just one character.

Once you are done to 10 levels then, you need to learn some skills and choose a profession to Buy WOW Gold. You will start from getting copper and sometimes you will get some food items and other items which you will not really need in the game play. These items can be sold to vendors and you can earn some copper from them. After sometime with copper, you will progress to get silver and then, eventually gold will start coming. This is a gradual process and you need to follow it level by level. If you want to look for a short cut then, you should be very careful because there is no better short cut than to follow the procedure. You can try some fancy things like going out in the wild to kill some high level monsters and this will help you in getting some experience points and will also make your gold search little meaningful.

When you are in battleground then, you are automatically placed in a team if you are going alone and in this place, you need to do some good work and try to look for a team which is more experienced and contains some high level players. If you joined a team of rookies then, it will not give you much benefit. If you help some high level player in killing some high level monster then, it will give you some good amount of experience pints and will also give you good share of the gold. So keep the above things in mind while you Buy WOW Gold and your progress of the game will be steady and safe.


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