Pets In Warcraft

Submitted by: Joe R. Maldonado

When you play world of warcraft, WOW Gold making is always in the back of the mind and you do all sort of things to achieve your daily requirement of gold in the game. Profession is very important for effective gold making in the game. Especially if you are a hunter then, everything depends on the choice of your pet and strength of your pet. There are many powerful pets in warcraft which can be a great help to you.

Sometimes, players get attached with a particular pet which can be a bear or a tamed tiger but you should never stick with only one pet because in higher levels, you will explore some very dangerous and strong pets. In rest of the discussion, I will tell you about the most dangerous and powerful pets of the game.

First is the nether ray and this pet has a shape of stingray as it has got a long tai


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l and a feathery plums. It is normally found in outlands and has crystalline growth which goes along nicely with its body. you can find nether ray in Netherstorm, Zangarmarsh, and Shadowmoon Valley as it is the only creature of his kind in this area. They give you a big plus in health sector and are little low in getting fight bonus. But you can easily rank them at number 10 in above average pets.

The second in the list is wolf and you can easily find them in almost every part. They are very popular due to their easy availability and disguise strength. They are above average in both health and fight sections so this can be a good choice if you are looking for a moderate pet which can be tamed little easily. Crooklisk comes next which is more like a lizard and has scales all over his skin from head to tail. Its got 6 feet and each foot ends with a big black claw. You can use this pet to learn Cower, Bite, and Growl but you will have no unique skill with this pet. Their armor properties are very high and they are above average in health, so you can compromise a little in shape and noise that they make.

Gorillas are another dangerous pet in world of warcraft but are not very popular in warcraft because of their extensive diet. Hunters almost always go short of WOW Gold and if you tame a pet like gorilla then, you have to be very careful with its diet and you should be very affording about that.

Now hunting is a skill which people learn just as a bonus skill but if you are a full time hunter and you want some guaranteed method of WOW Gold then, you should learn some kind of farming skills. Skinning, mining and herbalism are three skills which you should always learn or at least one of them. They will ask for some of your time but in the edn, your time will be well served with heavy amount of WOW Gold.


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