Stop Premature Ejaculation

Submitted by: Mark Goodworthy

Men sometimes ejaculate sooner than their partner would like or than they would like, during sexual intercourse. If it happens habitually, this disorder is called premature ejaculation. Although this condition is prevalent among men, many are embarrassed to seek help professionally.

There is no standard time for a man to ejaculate. But premature ejaculation is when it happens before the partners wish it to, in any sexual encounter, causing distress for both. Premature ejaculation happens in all sexual situations even during masturbation.

It is primary premature ejaculation when you have had this disorder from the time that you became sexually active. If after having satisfying sexual encounters and you suddenly developed one, it is what you call, secondary premature ejaculation.

It is belie


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ved that this sexual inability involves more complex interactions than just purely psychological and biological factors. Early sexual experiences, like situations when you have rushed to reach climax, might have established a regular pattern that may be hard to alter later in life.

Erectile dysfunction and anxiety are also psychological factors causing premature ejaculation. Abnormal hormone levels, thyroid problems, abnormal reflex of the ejaculatory system, prostate or urethra infections and inheritance are some biological factors contributing to this disorder. Other risk factors such as impotence, stress, health related problems and medications may likewise increase your chances of having premature ejaculation.

Depending on the severity of the problem, premature ejaculation can be significantly reduced or eliminated. In ordinary cases, treatment is focused on mental habituation to develop stimulation control. A series of exercise (like start-stop technique) may be prescribed by sex therapists to help men gain ejaculatory control. For more serious cases, various medications are prescribed to help decelerate the speed of arousal response.

Topical anaesthetic creams and certain antidepressants work for premature ejaculation, too. Although they have yet to be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration to treat premature ejaculation, doctors recommend this for that purpose. Men may try out various medications before finding out what would work best for him. But without proper emotional support and communication from your partner, the much needed sexual satisfaction will never be attained.

This sexual disorder should not be a cause for concern and humiliation for men. In fact, it should be treated, once detected, to help in the lovemaking encounters for both partners. Otherwise, premature ejaculation would be an embarrassment for men and lovemaking not at all fun for the women.


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