Premature Ejaculation Treatment: A Mini Course on Taking Control of Premature Ejaculation - Part 1

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As healthy, sexually active men most of us are confronted with a series of tricky questions related to the sexual sphere. Is our penis too small? Does size play any significant role? Is our lady having orgasms? How about our silhouette? Is it appealing enough? The list could go on and on, and the answers to these questions are most often somewhat "blurred", elusive, not clear. However, there is a question which has a sharp answer: does coming quickly (that is, before you and your partner wish it), suffering from premature ejaculation, constitute a problem? Of course it does! That's why I decided to offer you this premature ejaculation treatment mini course on how to tackle this annoyance. The entire premature ejaculation tr


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eatment course is too long to fit in one article, so I'm splitting it into more digestible chunks. The audience should be big enough: most studies report a premature ejaculation incidence of up to 75% among men between 20 and 40 years old. If you are in that 75% of premature ejaculation sufferers, don't worry. I have three messages for you today:

You are not alone (I was myself a premature ejaculation sufferer, as you might guess) Unless your premature ejaculation has clinical origins (like urinary tract infections) you can overcome it and find a satisfying sexual life without the aid of pills of other medication. Start by following my premature ejaculation treatment and see results for yourself. All good information in this world won't spare you from taking action. Always remember: no action, no improvement. Again: put my premature ejaculation treatment in practice and you'll be amazed, I guarantee it.

So now that we're clear, let's dig into the good stuff;-) I won't talk about ejaculation mechanics and its science in this premature ejaculation treatment series; I'm leaving this aspect to other articles. Let's focus for the time being on the fact that premature ejaculation does happen. This is a strong enough reason for us to tackle the problem and try to find a suitable premature ejaculation treatment. Generally, a premature ejaculation treatment not based on medicines pivots around three aspects:

Arousal Awareness Skills Mindset

Let's start with the first, as without a good grasp of this concept and its implications, any premature ejaculation treatment approach is bound to fail, regardless of how many other techniques you implement.

1 - Arousal Awareness

Now please bring to mind the last time you climaxed too quickly during intercourse. At which point did you realize that there was no way to avoid coming? For the average premature ejaculation sufferer, this happens about 10 seconds before actual ejaculation. As you probably already guessed, one of the keys of an effective premature ejaculation treatment is developing a fine awareness of how aroused – or stimulated you are during all stages of intercourse. Let‘s put it in list form:

0 - You are erect but not being stimulated

3 - You are stimulated but absolutely in control

5 - You start feeling stronger sensations around your glans (the tip of

your penis)

7 - Those strong sensations are nearly always present. You know that it

won't take you much to reach the point of no return..

8 - You are ridiculously aroused and quite close to the point of no


9 - You're right on the edge, still three seconds and..

10 - You pop!

When you reach 10, it is end of the game. Of course you do want to reach orgasm, because it feels so damn good. The point here is however that you want to choose when! The arousal scale is a basic pivot of my premature ejaculation treatment; now that we've set up it, we need to learn how to identify at which stage we find ourselves in every moment of sexual intercourse. this can be best done considering these two questions while you have sex:

If you kept doing what you are doing, in terms of position, speed and thrust depth, how long would it take you to climax? Few seconds, a couple of minutes, longer? The longer the time, the lower you are on the arousal scale. Check the strength and persistence of the sensations around the glans and the base of your penis. Are they constantly there? Do they come and go? How often? Strength and persistence are directly proportional to your level on the arousal scale. How often should you check your arousal level? Well, it depends on your average endurance: if you usually last a couple of minutes, you should probably check your status every 20 second or so, while if you already last 10 minutes, you can probably check every minute or so. Yes, I know what you're thinking: using this scale so often is a pain in the neck..Well, trust me on this one and remember what I told you before: try it, use it. If you do, you'll quickly discover that it takes less than a second to perform this kind of check and it becomes quite automatic really soon. This premature ejaculation treatment works. So, this was actually step one. Now that you've got this instrument, you can use it alongside with other techniques and methods specifically designed to lower your arousal level, without taking away the pleasure of sex from you or your partner. This will be the argument of next articles. In the meantime, if you're really a doer, you could explore your arousal awareness, the kind of sensations and their strength/persistence in connection with the scale I presented you in this article, bearing in mind that all you discover and identify will be of great use in the next steps. See you on Part 2 of this premature ejaculation treatment!


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