5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should have

By Leoc Magazine

Though there are many free wordpress plugins it cannot give you the complete set of features that you may be in need of. But when it comes to the question of premiums Plugins, then these are the ones that make your blogging platform more versatile and will give you an enhanced support and better functionality.

Here, let us sneak into some of the premium Plugins that are worth the money being spent:

1. Keyword Winner

Keyword winner is one of the recent good wordpress plugins that acts as a powerful tool to revolutionize your business marketing and helps you in getting into the first few pages of the search engines even for high competition keywords. I am sure this plugin will provide you with better results than before as this has the power to gain a better turnover than anyt


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hing else does. You can get the most relevant keywords for your blog with exact competition rate after seeing which you can select your targeted keywords.

5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should have

Red Color Shows that the keyword is high competitive

Green Color Shows that the keyword is less competitive [Singal for you write on the topic and get first page ranking for the keyword as soon as possible]

Writing blog post in dark is not going to help you, because it is all about first page ranking. If the topic or the keyword is high competitive then writing on it, is waste of time. Keyword Winner is the ultimate plugin that will helps you in writing profit making articles and bring you instant traffic.
Plugin Features

5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should haveCurrently the price is $47 and after a few days its price will go up and will cost you
2. Popup Domination

This small box will ask you to opt-in to your blog by signing up and will aid in building your mailing lists. What is more important is that if you are tech savvy, you will find yourself installing this plug-in into your website with a few simple steps and you will find yourself doing magic by giving a professional touch to yourblog, which works almost 100 percent. Nevertheless, this plug in is recommended by some of the top marketing internet gurus.

5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should have

Popup Domination works with all email provides like Aweber, MailChip, Constant Contact, iContact and GetResponse and with all modern web browsers like Firefox, IE, Google Chrome and Opera. Even you can use it with Feedburner.
Plugin features

15 Color Options and 7 Different Themes:
Work with all mailing list provider, Work with any website and blog, Compatible with caching plugin, Option to Exit the Popup form, Complete Statistical Data

3. WP-Robot

This is a powerful WordPress plug-in and is an easy to use tool that when being installed will allow you to automatically drip-feed and auto-pilot fresh contents regularly with a specific predefined intervals. This plug-in is capable of adding from sites like Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo answers and questions, YouTube videos, Flickr images, click bank and much more to offer.
5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should have Plugin features

A tool which collect articles from RSS Feeds on the topics and keywords you have chosen.
A article spinner software which spin articles in different variations, using synonyms to make it unique.
A tool which auto submit the articles to your blog on your chosen frequency.
A tool which publish content from Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, twitter Commission Junction etc..
A tool which translate articles in different languages
Lots of other tools that helps in the auto blogging process

4. OIO Publisher

OIO publisher is a very essential tool that will aid in managing your adspace of your blog, optimizing the time spent on it and helps you to keep things under control of the entire ad space. This is a must have plug-in for any serious blogger as you will ultimately find yourself having complete control over the ad space that you have allocated in ease. It will also run third party ads along the side of the space which you have allocated for defined ads.

5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should have
Plugin Features

You can customize the plugin pages (Payment Page, Advertisement Detail Page etc..) according to your blog/website design. It has lots of themes that you can select for your blog.
Language option is also available, if your blog is in another language you can select from the list. Compete Control over the ads and also provide you statics for the purchased ads.
It has different size of ready made banners that you can display in your blog to sell ads.
Unique URLs for tracking the result

Complete history of transactions and lots of more features.

5. Magic Affiliate

This is yet another must have WordPress plugin that any blogger should have, I am sure that you will find yourself being helped in increasing the sales of yourproducts and services with the power of this Magic Affiliate software. What this software provides is unlimited real time reports, recurring commissions, 5-level tier affiliate structure, optional sign up bonus, easy integration with WP eCommerce plugin and much more that you cannot resist to make blogging much easier than before.

5 Premium WordPress Plugins you should have

Plugin Features

Easy Installation and Integration
Real Time Reporting
5 Level Tier Affiliate Structure
100% Compatible with Magic Members plugin
Easy Integration with the WP-eCommerce Plugin
Unlimited Affiliates
AutoResponder Integrations
Recurring Commissions
Custom Affiliate Panel
Individual Commission
Simple Banner Management
Advanced Payout Management
Customizable Signup Messages
Custom e-mail Template
Multi-Language Support