Do you want to make money on eBay?

By Allan Michael Taylor

Have you ever wondered "what can i sell on ebay to make money"? It is a popular question but if you think outside of the box a little you might realise there is a much simpler way.

When you sell items on ebay you are responsible for your own stock checks, delivery, costs and more. With that in mind, what if there was a way to do away with all this but still have access to a huge item inventory?

Well, there is. When you become an ebay affiliate you have access to every item that is for sale on ebay. Considering the number of items there are, and the various types this opens up huge possibilities.

When you are an affiliate with ebay, you get a cut of the sale if someone clicks on an item on your website and ends up buying it. Its that simple. With that in mind, you


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have no administrative duties to perform other than list the items on your website.

To make money as an ebay affiliate you need to have an engaging site in a non-saturated niche. This means, it is unlikely you will make money, without a lot of work, by selling ipods and other mainstream items. Instead, you should look for items that are less saturated online, and target it with certain keywords. For example, sweaters is too generic to do well on, but you can break this down somewhat if you target a type of sweater. Dog sweaters would be much better as you are targeting a specific audience. Even better than that, would be knitted dog sweaters.

This may sound like a lot of work, but once you have created a website, there is very little to no maintenance required on the site so you are free to leave it and move on to your next website and build up an online empire.

If your niche is a bit too thin on items, then you might want to consider looking at other affiliate networks to boost it a little, such as amazon. By using more than one network you do not have all your eggs in one basket so if one starts to perform poorly, you can rely on the other still.

If the thought of building a website is overwhelming then you should consider that there are free platforms such as wordpress that do most of the work for you. With the vast array of plugins available, you can create almost any form of website quickly and easily and that includes ebay affiliate sites.