How Do I Make Real Money From eBay and Amazon?

By Robert Corrigan

That really is the big question and not making any real cash is the reason that most sellers become disillusioned with eBay. Your sales have been very poor, barely covering the fees or you even have made a loss. Often this amounts to selling the wrong product in the wrong market.

At first glance it may seem that the easiest way of making a start is to sell the same product as everyone else. Although this may seem like a good idea the problem is that you will not be competing on a level playing field. Here's the reason why.

To give an example let suppose you chose to sell DVD's, these are hot selling items on eBay, however popular titles sold on DVD are very competitively priced, so you are unlikely to be able to compete with the big powersellers who can buy in large quantit


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ies at a very competitive price at the wholesalers and distributors.

Powersellers have a distinct advantage over other traders, they get a substantial discount on final value fees from eBay which can amount to 40%. This gives them a substantial trading advantage over the novice trader who will simply be unable to compete on price. The first instinct in to give up but that's not why you started this is it?

The way to progress is to find a trading niche, something very few traders are working in. To give an example using the DVD category is to find a specialist area to sell into. This could be self defence, cooking, golf, trains or beauty treatments. All small markets but the price you will be able to sell your products for will be substantially higher than a popular film and you will have only limited competition.

Although the example I have given is DVD this same approach can be used to sell almost any product in almost any trading area, with over 10,000 categories it should be easy to find niche areas to exploit. It just takes a little research, in Plugin Auction Profits I go into great detail about how to find a trading niche to exploit and how to source your stock to sell into these trading areas.